Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leaving Ireland

My bag weighs 15.8 kilos. I don't really know what that is in pounds. I know that because I checked it at the airport to send it (and me) to London.

Leaving Ireland . . . I'm excited to go, but I've had a great time. I've made many friends: Stephanie - the German, Tamara and Marco - the Italians, Frank - the Spaniard - Gil and Claire from France, and Lauren from Holland. I will keep in touch with all of them I hope for quite a while.

Some reflections and memories: A new 60 meter building in the docklands will house e new U2 recording studio. O'Sheas on the corner of Marlborough and " the hostel street" where I met a very drunk Martin and saw several bands, including the one the last night who sold me a CD.

"slaunche a fast" Good luck, good health, and may all of your children have red hair and freckles.

The Dublin spire, also known as the stuffy on the Liffey. James Joyce, or the prick with a stick, and the ever-elusive floozie in a jacuzzi.

Some Dutch: "dank ya/uw vel" "moi ghut, vie nouiken in da kouiken"
Some French: "je chant sur la pluie"

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