Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ready to Leave

New Years Day, 2005. I had graduated from college the previous year and, having saved money living at home and working a few jobs, was about to fly to Europe with no plan or purpose. I kept a journal while I was traveling, and I've been meaning to type it up for a while. I'll add one here every-so-often, and tag them with "adventure". There are a few more trips too, so this series will include the tag "Europe."

Westcliffe, CO - 1-1-05

At what point is a person 'ready' to leave for an adventure? Can one keep a broad enough perspective to keep alive the passion that spawned the idea? Pieces of April: we need each other. It's time to find out. "Nothing changes on New Years Day." What is out there, and in here to realize and uncover is, and will be, there. Who can truly find out?

I "know" nothing. I have only to expand perception.

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